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June 16 2015

January 22 2015

September 21 2014

September 08 2014


Tags: agency

July 23 2014

July 22 2014

Customer expectation graphs

Inspired by Vonnegut’s story graphs, I’ve created some graphs demonstrating different types of  experience when signing up to a new service. The graphs show expectations set by marketing prior to becoming a customer and the ensuing impact on their satisfaction based on the actual service. The dotted black line in each graph represents the point […]

Playful tractor controls

Spotted on a recent trip to Yorkshire on the dashboard of a tractor. I love the simplicity and playfulness of the hare and tortoise to indicate the tractor’s speed.

July 08 2014

June 18 2014

Grow a strong brand by setting the right expectations of your customer experience

The experience a customer has with a brand and a product can outweigh any of their preconceptions based on marketing. In the same way that a flawed checkout process in an ecommerce site can lose potential conversions wasting investment made higher up the funnel, a business that runs expensive brand and ATL campaigns then delivers […]

May 23 2014

May 14 2014

May 07 2014

March 17 2014

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