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July 08 2014

May 07 2014

October 22 2013

September 20 2013

Storytelling using parallax scrolling

I have been collating some examples of storytelling that take advantage of parallax scrolling. News sites, notably The New York Times and The Guardian have experimented with this technique, creating personal stories that weave stunning imagery, video and copy into an interactive story. The scrolling interaction gradually exposes more of the story, revealing video, audio […]

June 05 2013

June 04 2013

April 23 2013

UX London – Day 1

Earlier in the month I went to the first day of UX London under the theme of Product Design. It’s my first time at this conference and it was one of the best I’ve attended. I’m probably not the only attendee who hadn’t heard of the venue before (The Trinity Laban Building) but as it … Continue reading »

February 01 2013

January 22 2013

September 03 2012

Experience / Design Principles « UX think

Drop dead simple to get information into the calendar More than boxes on a screen (reminder, invitations, etc. Easy to share so you can see your whole life in one place. Facebook’s design principles: Universal: our design needs to work for everyone, every culture, every language, every device, every stage of life. Human: our voice and visual style stay in the background, behind people’s voices, people’s faces, and people’s expression. Clean: our visual style is clean and understated. Consistent: reduce, reuse, don’t redesign. Useful: meant for repeated daily use Fast: faster experiences are more efficient and feel more effortless. Transparent: we are clear and up front about what’s happening and why.

August 16 2012

August 07 2012

May 04 2012

April 20 2012

April 03 2012

Mobile websites should be more than just the basics

I get tired of coming across a decent mobile site only to find that I have to use the desktop version to do what I intended. We should stop accepting ‘best practice’ as an argument for stripping back mobile websites to just the basics of their desktop counterparts. The screen isn’t the optimum size but … Continue reading »
Tags: UX Mobile
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