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March 17 2014

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September 03 2012

Experience / Design Principles « UX think

Drop dead simple to get information into the calendar More than boxes on a screen (reminder, invitations, etc. Easy to share so you can see your whole life in one place. Facebook’s design principles: Universal: our design needs to work for everyone, every culture, every language, every device, every stage of life. Human: our voice and visual style stay in the background, behind people’s voices, people’s faces, and people’s expression. Clean: our visual style is clean and understated. Consistent: reduce, reuse, don’t redesign. Useful: meant for repeated daily use Fast: faster experiences are more efficient and feel more effortless. Transparent: we are clear and up front about what’s happening and why.

August 30 2012

May 08 2012

Design the New Business - English subtitles on Vimeo

May 04 2012

April 20 2012

8-20.png (PNG Image, 768×587 pixels)

April 13 2012

April 11 2012

April 03 2012

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